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Introduction of floss

2019-07-01 19:47:50
Dental floss is used to clean the adjacent plaque of teeth with nylon, silk or polyester thread, which is very effective, especially for flat or convex teeth. Pull down a section of floss about 25 mm, make a double knot surface circle at both ends of the line, or take about 33 mm of floss. Wrap the two ends of the line around the two middle fingers, and use the right and left fingers to pass the floss through the contact points.

The distance between two fingers is about 1-1.5 cm. When there is a tight and impassable feeling, you can do front and back zipper action, through the contact point, gently reach the tooth surface under the contact point, while flossing on the bottom of the gingival sulcus to clean the gingival sulcus area, pay attention to not hard pressed into the deep arrangement below the gingival sulcus.

In general, floss is safe and hygienic. Some irregular dental floss on the market, using industrial hydrogen peroxide bleaching, will cause great harm to human body. Doctors recommend the use of regular dental floss. Dental floss is mostly disposable and can not be reused, because the dirt on the used dental floss, bacteria can not be cleaned in a general way (water flushing, etc.). Repeated use of dental floss is harmful but not beneficial.