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Dental floss operation

2019-07-01 19:51:19
1. Cut floss about 45 cm long (about the same length as the arm).

2. One end of the floss coils around the second knuckle of the middle finger in one hand, about two or three circles, which can fix the floss. Then it's about twenty-five centimeters apart.

Locally, the floss is then coiled around the second knuckle of the middle finger of the other hand, two or three times in the same way. By loosening one circle at the same time and making another one at the same time, clean sections can be used in turn.

3. Hold the fist between the middle finger, ring finger and small finger of both hands, and straighten the thumb and forefinger if the child plays with a gun.

4. At this moment, turn the palm so that the palm is outward, the two thumbs are inward and touch each other, and make the two thumbs and the second index finger square at right angles to see if the dental floss can be tightened. If you can, the length of floss between the middle fingers is right. If not, it can be adjusted again.

5. The gesture of thumb is "Zan". The index finger is upward. The thumb of one hand and the index finger of the other hand tighten the floss together. Through the fleshy local area of the finger, the floss is about one centimeter between the two fingers. Together, the two fingers are straight and the nails are nail-to-nail.

6. Bring floss into the gap and slide along the tooth into the gap between the teeth and the gums. The natural resistance stops. Then the floss is tightened on the face of the teeth, and the upper and lower movements are made to scrape the face of the teeth until the "chirp" sound is heard to stop.

7. After scraping one side of the tooth, scrape the other side of the same gap.

8. When flossing the teeth, tighten the face of the teeth and form a slightly "C" shape. Make the touching area of floss include the whole adjacent surface.

9. When flossing is initially practiced, the front teeth are initially moved from the center to the back teeth, until the final side of a tooth stops. In other words, the easiest way is to move the front teeth slowly to the back teeth.

10. Manipulate the right anterior teeth 12. The mandibular anterior teeth are still matched by one thumb and one index finger. At this moment, the index finger is adjusted from top to bottom by raising the arm of the index finger. The mandibular posterior region, like the upper jaw, is allocated with two index fingers.