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Types of floss

2019-07-01 19:50:32
The types of floss include waxy floss and non-waxy floss, PTFE floss, rod floss, odorant floss (such as mint floss, fruit floss) and odorless floss, banded floss. These floss have something in common: they are soft, flexible and easy to use.

Rod floss, Teflon floss, waxy and waxy floss, very thin and thick banded floss. Dentists can recommend the most suitable floss for you. But you may have to test several kinds of floss until you find one that suits you. This is usually a case of personal preference.

Floss has different shapes, such as foamed, flat and round. There are also dental floss handbooks to help you learn how to floss.

I. Waxy and Waxy-free Dental Floss

Some dentists like waxy floss. They feel that the friction is greater, which helps to clean the calculus and plaque. In fact, there is no significant distance between waxy floss and waxy floss. Waxy floss is only slightly better. On the other hand, some people find that waxy floss moves between teeth more easily than waxy floss.

II. Teflon Dental Floss

This type of floss is fast and easy to use. Because it's made of Teflon, it means it won't stick between your teeth. It's very simple to move.

3. Dental floss with sticks

This floss is made of nylon and is used in the same way as any other floss. The difference is that you don't have to wear a stick around your hand at the end. In addition, it is more convenient for the teeth to pass through the arch wire when orthodontic.

4. Modified floss and odorless floss

Some floss additions include orthodontics, such as mint and fruit flavors. It tastes good and pleasant to use. There is also a fluoride floss that can prevent dental caries.

V. Strip floss

This is floss thicker than the usual type, mainly used in the case of large dental voids. It is an ideal new type of dental floss. It is also lubricated and can slide smoothly between teeth.


Vibration floss is easy to use and has rated advantages. But they are also more valuable than other traditional floss.