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Advantages of floss

2019-07-01 19:49:44
The appearance of dental floss in the market is a new innovation of dental cleaning method. Countless people have benefited greatly from it, relieved the puzzlement of dental diseases, adhered to periodontal health, and reduced other diseases caused by dental diseases. Dental floss has been widely used in developed countries. It is a necessary daily necessities for people to travel at home. After meals, using dental floss to clean their teeth is like washing hands before meals and gargling after meals. It has become an indispensable procedure in daily life.

Dental floss and heart, it seems unrelated, the reality is not so. According to the Daily Mail of November 6, dental disease is no less harmful to the heart than hyperlipidemia. Dental floss can prevent oral diseases and greatly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. For this reason, Michael Royson, an American expert on aging, points out that sticking to flossing every day can increase your life by 6.4 years. Clinical discovery, often suffer from pulpitis, periodontitis, the incidence of heart disease will also add. This is because infection of dental pulp and periodontal tissue can cause bacterial toxins to enter the blood circulation system and ultimately "implicate" your heart.

Compared with floss, because the toothpick is thicker, it can not be deepened into the seam of teeth, and the cleaning effect is greatly reduced. Dental floss can be used to remove residues in the crevices and plaque on the adjacent surfaces of teeth. Regrettably, Chinese people seldom use dental floss.